Check Out This End of Year Sale!

Our partners have announced their end of year sales for 2021, and they go up to $30 off! So check them out, and make the most out of them!

End of year sales happen within almost every industry, and coin collecting is no exception to this rule. In this case, one of our partners announced their 2021 end of year sales on many of their popular items.

These end of year sales go up to $30 off. As a plus, you can also apply this discount to their special member price, which makes them even cheaper to buy. If you haven’t become a member yet, you can still do so and enjoy both discounts simultaneously!


What Items Does This 2021 End of Year Sale Include?

The 2021 end of year sale includes items that range from MS70 popular coins to display trays and coin slab cases. Additionally, you can find GEM BU coins, ½ oz coin sets, and 5g silver notes! Let’s take a look at some of the items and discounts you can find on this 2021 end of year sale.

1.  MS70 Silver Coins on Sale

Our partners at Quicksilver have published several MS70 silver coins in their end of year sale. However, the most popular one is their 2018 1oz Tuvalu Black Panther silver coin. You can get this amazing silver coin featuring one of Marvel’s best movies with a $30 discount!

buy black panther 1oz silver coin ms70

Secondly, you can also get a 2020 S American Silver Eagle MS70 with a $10 online discount. This emergency issue coin is among the rarest bullion issue of the Silver Eagles in their 34-year history!

Buy 2020 s american silver eagle ms 70 first strike

The 2021 end of year sale also includes another excellent silver coin from a Marvel movie. You can get this Wolverine MS70 coin with a $30 online discount! This coin also has its MS69 edition, which you can get with a $20 discount.

buy wolverine coin ms70

2.  2021 Coin Set on Sale

The 2021 end of year sale also includes a beautiful coin set from the Scottsdale Mint. You can get the whole set with a $20 online discount. The Alien set comes in a mint case with a numbered certificate of authenticity and includes the following coins:

·         One silver Brilliant Uncirculated coin

·         One Antique silver coin

·         One silver proof coin with glowing eyes

·         One silver proof coin with black rhodium with glowing eyes

3.  Coin Storage Supplies on Sale

Besides their coins, the 2021 end-of-year sale also includes some of our partners’ most popular coin storage supplies. Protect and display your coin collections with a tray, including two squares with 20 coin displays. As a plus, you will also get 40 premium universal coin holders. Both items have an online discount of $20.

Another beautiful display from Quicksilver is their coin slab storage case. Store up to 24 coin slabs in an attractive wooden box. Take your best coin collection wherever you go and keep them organised for anyone to see. This item has a $15 online discount during the end of year sale.

coin slab case

You can check the complete list of items included in this 2021 end of year sale here. Remember that you can also add your membership discount to any of these items at the end of year sale. If you still haven’t signed up as a member, you can do so here! Feel free to contact us to walk you through the process if you need it!

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