7k Metals Review: All You Need to Know

Due to being an MLM business, when presented to 7k Metals, many people relate it to a pyramid scheme or a scam. This review will go through different aspects of the company, its owners, and its affiliate program. On the whole, we will present you with enough proof of why we trust them as a genuine business and partner and how you can benefit from it.

7k Metals Presentation: Who Are They?

7k Metals started in 2016 under a group of marketing entrepreneurs from Idaho Falls. Their MLM business model offers membership plans with different costs to participate in precious metal trading. The most common ones on their website are silver, gold, and platinum coins of all sorts and conditions. However, they also produce and trade jewellery items. 


Zach Davis, Richard Hansen, Roger Ball, and Josh Anderson were the four people who started this business. However, 7k Metals has grown into an MLM business, with five years of participation in the industry. They craft their own coin collections they genuinely grade with NGC. Consequently, their team has included different and more complete roles in the coinmaking business.

7k metals products
Some of the products 7k Metals sell on their website

The mission of 7k Metals is to provide tools for people to improve their financial situation by collecting these items at a low cost. On their side, they acquire these articles from distribution outlets at a very low price. 

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Is 7k Metals Legit, or Is It a Scam?

As this might be the question that drove you to this article, it seems fair enough to address it first as well. We will go through the different aspects of 7k Metals that may make anyone believe that it is a scam or a pyramid scheme. In addition, we will see how these aspects actually are, based on testimonials and official information from their website.

An MLM Business

To begin with, and as we mentioned previously, 7k Metals is an MLM business. These businesses rank the people they work with according to their incomes and effort towards the business goals. While 7k Metals provides an affiliate program – which we will cover in the following few paragraphs – you can also benefit from bringing new subscribers.

At first glance, 7k Metals does work using the pyramid scheme model. However, this does not mean that they are a scam. On the one hand, these tricky businesses don’t usually trade objects of interest or high cost, which 7k Metals does. On the other hand, an online scam tends to disappear. 7k Metals has not only been in business for five years now, but they also show signs of staying while growing at a fast pace.

After doing some research before accepting them as partners, we could not find any type of unattended claim or concern regarding 7k Metals. They respect the price they tell, they ship the items you get, and they keep on paying commission fees through their affiliate program. As a plus, any person with a 7k Metals membership receives exclusive deals on specific coin collections.

7k Metals: Pyramidal Scheme and BBB

As we mentioned before, 7k Metals uses the pyramidal scheme model to work with memberships and affiliates. As you make money from commissions through their affiliate program, you can also make a passive income when those who signed up as affiliates using your ID sell as well. 

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This fact may alert anyone who may believe 7k Metals is a scam. However, the business is legit enough. Precious metals are a decent, genuine product. They generate interest among potential customers, and website articles update every week. As a plus, the coins and other products they sell are no forgery, even including NGC authentication certificates.

7k metals coin series
“An American Life”, one of 7k Metals coin series.

So, out of this, we can say that 7k Metals takes the pyramid scheme model to easily organize and – of course – make a profit while also providing an income opportunity to their members. Some don’t even try to sell the products and use the website to complete a coin collection, which is respectable enough, too!

One excellent way to understand this is by going to their Better Business Bureau review (BBB). Real customers express their opinion after buying items from 7k Metals, becoming a member, or even participating in their affiliate program.

7k Metals Membership and Compensation Plans

One thing to point out from 7k Metals is their membership plans. You can become a 7k Metals member at different costs to receive a specific number of coins every month. Then, of course, you can choose what to do with them afterwards.

We’ve seen many people partially use their income to cover the membership cost out of testimonials. This is an excellent idea to control what you pay and get. Once the membership cost is covered, the rest becomes either profit or investment capital.

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Within their membership plans, 7k Metals works on a score basis. So to make a profit, you need a certain amount of points. You can earn points by getting new members, referring products in their affiliate program, or buying coins for yourself. You can check the entire compensation plan by clicking here.

If you are new to silver and are looking for ways to make a profit through investing in precious metals, you can read our master guide for beginners (Investing in Silver 101: A Guide with All You Need to Know).

Our Conclusion

So, to round up, we will need to go to our original concern: Is 7k Metals legit, or is it a scam? While we have presented several aspects of this MLM business, we understand that you may still have some more concerns. Please, contact us for any further information. All in all, this is our conclusion:

7k Metals presents different aspects that may trick you into thinking that it is a scam. Nowadays, online businesses that are out there just to take your money are no uncommon thing, and we understand that you may feel this at first glance.

However, given the testimonials, the products they sell and the actual profit you can make, we can ensure that it is legit. Furthermore, their transparency and clear intention to remain – and even grow – within the precious metal industry is there for anyone to see online. Thus, as it may take time for you to create the best strategy to generate a passive income, 7k Metals is a good starting point.

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