Is This Piece of Silver Authentic?

It’s been a while since we last posted our article on verifying the authenticity of an item. Fortunately, our partners from 7kmetals have shared a guide with new steps to help us check for authentic silver.

Forgers are a constant threat to investors and collectors. What is more, their imitations are becoming more challenging to recognize throughout time. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to differentiate real silver from silver-plated items. Thus, you will never pay more than you should.

Besides the waste of money, there are other obstacles when purchasing a forgery. For instance, once you get it, you obviously wouldn’t want anyone else to fall for that scam. Therefore, you get stuck with an item without monetary value.

So, let’s get to the new practical methods that you can put into practice before making any purchase. Keep in mind that some of them are applicable for physical stores, while others may also serve for online purchases.


1. Check for Silver Authenticity Markings

As simple as it may sound, checking for silver authenticity markings is still a great way of determining if a piece of silver is genuine. Although small, they are easy to see for the human eye. All you need to do is pick the item and check.

These markings give information about silver purity and the manufacturer. Numbers like 925, 900, or 800 are common if the item comes from a big international seller. If it is a ring, don’t forget to check its internal rim!

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2. Polish The Item

Silver tends to tarnish or oxidize over time. As with any other metal, it requires periodical polishing to keep shiny. This tarnish will rub off, but it will serve as a good hint to know if you’re dealing with real silver.

Take a white cloth with you and use it to wipe the item’s surface whenever you face a potential purchase. Consequently, if the fabric becomes stained, you’re good to go. 

3. Use A Magnet

Precious metals like gold, silver, or copper are not magnetic. Thus, if you’d like to check if a silver piece is genuine, holding a magnet close to it may help. If it has no effect, then it is pure silver.

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When applying this method, beware of slight movements. Some items may contain silver yet not be pure. Consequently, the effect of the magnet may not be as noticeable. Whatever the activity, it should turn on some red lights.

4. The Ice Cube Test

Silver’s high heat-conducting rate will help an ice cube melt faster. Placing it on the item should tell you if the piece is authentic. To help you notice the difference, you can place another ice cube next to it.

Water doesn’t harm silver, so this test should not alarm your seller at all. However, it may be challenging to take an ice cube with you wherever you go. Thus, you may want to keep this authentic silver check to try at home!

5. Check For Reliability

This is not just a method but also a recommendation. Before buying:

  1. Remember to check the source.
  2. Whether it is online or at a physical store, ask for feedback.
  3. Check for reviews, google the seller.

There are numerous ways to know beforehand if a seller is reliable enough.

It is no news that scammers are out there waiting for you to fall into their schemes. Let us remind you of our article on the complaint against Facebook regarding forgeries. Nevertheless, it is a comfortable one. If you are careful enough, it may even be profitable for investing or collecting. 

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