Is Now The Best Moment To Invest in Silver?

Is now the best moment to buy silver? This question has become very popular lately. Why? Silver is now experiencing some alterations on its spot price. This market movement has caught the attention of both collectors and investors.

After a significant rise from December 2020 to this date, silver is not experiencing a considerable drop in its spot price. As silver is a profitable asset for investments due to its high volatility, purchasing it has become a good alternative. But, how can we know this drop in spot price will continue and, thus, make us lose profit?

To understand this more clearly, we should go back to 2019. In December 2019, the silver spot price was U$17.86. Now, when comparing that number to December 2020, we see that the price was U$27.66. These statistics give a result of a 54.8% growth rate in 12 months. What does this mean? If you had bought an ounce of silver in December 2019, selling that same ounce would give you a profit of half of your expenses after a year.

Back in the present time, silver has gone through significant growth during the beginning of 2021. There were rumours of its spot price to get close to U$ 50. However, the silver spot price began to decrease before hitting that number. What can we get out of this fact? Silver price follows a pattern. Under ordinary circumstances -that is, if governments do not apply drastic measures- silver spot price tends to lower before a high leap.

That is why we consider that now is the best moment to buy silver. Using the same chart as before, we can see how the silver spot price has behaved during 2021.

In January 2021, the silver price was U$28.10. It then decreased, meeting only one number over that scale (U$ 28.41 in May). However, the tendency was to get lower. After hitting numbers like U$26.32 in June, U$25.55 in July, August throws a silver price of U$23.42.

Following the pattern we mentioned before, we can expect the silver price to increase and even beat December’s rates. Thus, purchasing silver in August at a lower price than in December 2020 would be a good decision. Although we cannot tell if the profit growth will beat or even match the 54.8% one from last year, we can expect it to be considerable enough.

Silver Growth Compared To Other Investment Opportunities

Of course, silver is not the only available investment. One of our most recent articles explained the differences between silver and other assets as a profitable activity. 

However, silver’s growth rate of last year is challenging to match. How did other investments do during that same year?

  • Savings accounts had a 0.1% annual growth. You can learn more about the differences between a savings account and silver investments here.
  • Stocks grew by 29%. This rate includes the risk of investing in stocks, which can even result in losses.
  • Real estate also grew by 29% approximately. However, the required budget is enormous when compared to silver investments.

These are just some examples of how other investments did during the same period. Nevertheless, it is essential to set something clear. Silver is, as we said before, a volatile asset. Growth is not guaranteed. Still, the advantages of investing in silver include less initial capital and rapid liquidity, among others. As a plus, silver is a great asset to generate passive income.

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