Best 5 Ideas For Passive Income

No matter your profession, knowledge, studies, or experience. We all want to find the best passive income ideas. Whether it is to decrease the inflationary impact or to add some monetary value at the end of the month, we want to see profit in our accounts. The truth is that, despite the way you choose, it will take some work at the beginning. But, on the bright side, this work gives results as long as you choose the best passive income idea. But, as we would love to enjoy the benefits of any of the ideas below, we first need to set clear a definition of what we mean by ‘passive income’.

Passive income is the result of investments. The more a person invests at the beginning, the better the outcome. There are several ways to produce passive income without having to invest lots of money. Affiliate systems ensure a profit that will last in time and require effort just at the beginning.

When looking for a passive income definition, many people will tell you that there is no such thing as an easy one. Unfortunately, this is quite ambiguous. As there are many online ideas to generate an effortless profit, not all of them are as popular as they should be, and some may even result in a waste of time and money. That is why we decided to create a list for you to choose the method that best adjusts to your demands and possibilities.

Passive Income Definition

But, before jumping into our list, we must have a definition of passive income. Yes, it may sound obvious to some people. But even though you may think you already know what it means, there are some aspects of passive income that may not be clear enough. These include ways of making passive income and how easy it is. Always bear in mind that all profit takes either money or effort at first.

Passive income is regular earnings that do not come from an employer or a contractor. By this, we can define passive income as a partial job. Why? Because it requires an effort or investment from you at first. Once your business or investment starts giving results, all you need to do is to keep control of your profits. Besides, the great thing about this is that you decide how much you want to invest. Of course, this will have a direct effect on how much you earn, as well.

Different Types of Passive Income

Although there are many ways to generate a passive income, it is essential to identify the type of investment we are running. According to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), we can divide passive income into two categories: real estate or rental property; or a business where we do not participate actively. Let us take a look at each of them.

  • Rental property is the type of passive income that requires buying an asset. Once you own something, you look for people in need and ask for a regular fee to use it. Rough as it may sound, this is a popular method. It is present in the real estate business, or less expensive assets, as car rental. It is risky and involves different factors, such as finding a suitable location or target audience. The return may not compensate for the investment in the short term.
  • Passive income businesses are more varied than active incomes, e.g. from employment. It is not mandatory to buy an asset to participate. Some examples may be selling information, such as a book or service. This type of passive income may require a more significant effort at the beginning. Writing a book and making it popular enough takes time and work. Selling a service, such as a course, takes research, editing, and money to publish in well-known spaces like Coursera or edX. Other passive income ideas are savings accounts and affiliate or referral businesses, which we would like to emphasize today.

What Is A Referral or Affiliate Program

One branch of passive income businesses does not require previous knowledge or significant investments. You can invest as much time and money as you want and generate the corresponding profit. Mostly, you decide which of them you want to dedicate the most, and they both compensate and act in indirect proportion. For example, if it is the starting capital you have the most, you can invest in publicity. Otherwise, if it is time, you can dedicate it to generate organic leads.


There are many online affiliate and referral programs you can recur to, and in the end, almost all of them generate a passive income. However, they hold significant differences from each other. These variables are crucial, as they will determine which is the best for you, depending on your goals. For that reason, we decided to do some research for you and introduce you to the best five ideas to generate passive income, pros and cons included. 

Best 5 Ideas To Generate Passive Income

1. Passive Income with Precious Metal Referral

As we mentioned in another article, silver is nowadays a great way of investment. What is more, there are referral and affiliate programmes that allow you to make a passive income while investing. This method is becoming more and more popular throughout time, thus making it an easy way of generating passive income. It provides good advantages to those who subscribe and even gives the possibility of enlarging your profits whenever you want to. You can choose when to stop making your business grow, if ever. There are effortless ways of generating profit with this kind of referral system, and you can learn more about them by asking our experts at

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As we stated in our definition, this way of generating passive income may take some work at the beginning. If you have no experience in precious metals, you may need to research what items are best to advertise or offer. Fortunately, you can always recur to different forums or online articles to quickly learn about them. You can promote your products almost anywhere, and, best of all, they are not difficult to sell. Precious metals have been in the market for a long time, which guarantees they will still be there when other assets fail to succeed. 

2. Amazon Affiliate, Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most popular passive income programs nowadays. It consists of advertising the different products people have published online and generating revenue if the person who clicks on your link buys the item. Thus, you get a percentage of the sale, and profits go up to U$200 or higher depending on the product. In addition, by subscribing to the program, you get an ID referral number that you must include in every link you publish. This way, Amazon knows how the potential client landed to that product in particular.

Amazon Affiliate Program sounds quite exciting and easy to perform. We would all love to generate passive income from another person’s purchase. However, there are some down points you need to have in mind:

  1. The person who clicks your link has to buy the item within a limited period, which does not happen often.
  2. Commission rates are not exceptionally high and vary depending on the type of product.
  3. Payment methods are not the best, either.

We recommend you check their terms and conditions and read what you need to do to qualify before subscribing to it. Besides, its popularity also means high competition, which you will need to overcome to be successful.

3. eBay Partner Network

eBay is another online shop monster. Like the Amazon Affiliate Program, they pay commissions if the buyer landed from a link you provide. There are thousands of products categories to choose from, and you can choose either one of them or have different channels for each category you consider worth advertising. The most significant difference is that commissions are due to traffic rather than clicking on the “Buy” button. Thus, if a person buys a product you advertise, you get passive income depending on how much people choose your link.

A positive aspect of this passive income idea over Amazon’s programme is that there is no time limit for people to buy. Once they do, eBay tracks how many people you have directed to that specific item and pays the corresponding amount. However, commissions are even lower than Amazon’s. It requires a more powerful tool to make people click on your link rather than others. Besides, qualifying for eBay Partner Network is not that easy, and it is not available in all countries.

4. Streaming and Video Platforms

We would all love to make passive income as we do what we enjoy the most, wouldn’t we? Well, streaming and video platforms are a great way of doing so. How? Take a look at Twitch or Youtube. People generate passive income as they stream their favourite game, such as League of Legends (one of the most popular games nowadays). Otherwise, they upload videos about a topic of their preference on their YouTube channel. Mainly, they generate passive income out of publicity depending on the number of viewers. However, donations are also a way to support your favourite streamer, and that money goes directly to their pockets.

Great, so making videos and earning money. Easy task. Well, not actually. This passive income idea does not entirely adjust to our definition above. Whether through streaming or uploading videos, it takes hard work to get as many viewers as you need to generate a passive income worth your time. Even though you may feel you have enough charisma to sit in front of a webcam and create exciting content, these platforms follow a strict algorithm system that makes it quite hard to succeed. It takes more than filming yourself. Many viewers get discouraged from watching as soon as the first ad starts running.

5. Google Ads

Google Ads is a fantastic way of generating passive income. That is if you have a blog or website that is worth the application. Many bloggers or content creators choose this passive income method because it is as simple as signing in to their programme and receiving revenue from clicks—the more people who click on your ad, the better. One particular advantage of Google Ads is that Google decides what ads are most suitable for your domain. And something worth mentioning, they even do all the embedding work for you.

Once you finish reading the previous paragraph, you may think Google Ads is one of the best passive income ideas that will make you a millionaire in no time while you sit down and count earnings. Well, it does not work exactly that way. To qualify for the programme, you need to have a captivating niche and audience. Depending on the traffic and reputation of your site, Google decides which ads are best for you—and them. Some categories do not pay as much. And nowadays, it is tough to have a reader click on publicity. We also recommend you to read their terms and conditions carefully before applying.

How to Invest in Passive Income?

Generating passive income is not a difficult task. However, as we mentioned before, it takes time and effort at the beginning. The most important thing is to keep your investments up to date. This way, you will always be on top of your competitors and make an attractive profit. It is crucial to set your goals and know your markets before making a decision. Then, choose the passive income ideas that best adjust to them and start earning. But you should always remember our definition of passive income to keep your feet on the ground.

If you wish to invest in passive income, you can either click on the links below each heading or contact us through our website or online live chat. We would be thrilled to have you on board. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive tips and updates on how to improve your strategy. We also have benefits that will help you and your business grow and become one of the best ways to generate passive income. Thank you for reading!

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