Britannia Coins: All You Need To Know

Britannia coins are trendy among investors and collectors. Their attractive design has made them become not only a highly collectable item but a significantly profitable asset as well. With its first appearance on an official coin centuries ago, Britannia became a representative icon for the UK and the rest of the world. But, what does this female figure represent? Why are Britannia coins such a profitable item? There is much to learn about Britannia silver and gold coins.

The female figure of Britannia is the personification of the British Isles. Britannia is the symbolic representation of British spirit, heritage, strength, and progress. Her first official apparition on a coin was in 1672. Then, she was constantly present in Halfpenny and Penny until 1936 and 1970.

Britannia coins have been desired objects over the years due to their representation and profit-like features with gold and silver mintage. Both investors and collectors find the female figure representation of Britannia an attractive aspect to add to their assets. In this article, we will guide you through Britannia coins origins, mintage, and unique specifications. Moreover, we will also advise you on different ways to have your own Britannia coin collection. 

1797 Britannia Penny History: ‘The Cartwheel’

After its first apparition in 1672 on a Farthing, the female figure of Britannia was present in the Halfpenny coin until 1936. In 1797, she also became a constant Penny figure until 1970. This copper coin was the first one made of that metal in 20 years and the first copper penny ever minted. The price of copper was very high back then during King George III’s reign, so the Royal Mint in London did not find it profitable.

The 1797 Britannia penny was the largest one in the history of pennies. Its diameter of 37mm and 3mm thickness made it a unique copper item. Due to its size, people generally compared it to a cartwheel. But both the Royal Mint and Matthew Boulton of Birmingham, the businessman in charge of producing it, realised that the coin was too large. It made it very susceptible to damage. Copper is a soft metal. So the 1797 Britannia penny became the first and only issue of its size and shape. After its modification, the Britannia copper penny circulated until decimalisation in 1971.

1797 Britannia penny

1797 Britannia Penny Coin Value

Most 1797 Britannia penny coins have gone through severe damage due to the abovementioned facts. However, it is possible to acquire some of them in quite an acceptable condition. The copper coin with the image of King George III and the female figure of Britannia is a valuable object that may go up to U$200 in value. As you may see, Britannia is holding a trident due to her maritime relation. Check our guide on the best places to shop online to learn more about things you need to bear in mind when shopping for valuable objects like the 1797 Britannia penny coin.

Due to their uniquity, these copper coins have become a profitable item to add to your coin collection. If you wish to buy 1797 Britannia penny coin, you can also contact us. We will be glad to help you find different places with no hidden fees and the best price online. You can also browse our shop to find silver items that commemorate and relate to the 1797 Brittania penny coin.

Britannia 50p Coin

The female figure of Britannia was also present in a 50p coin from 1997 to 2008. However, a larger version of this 50p coin circulated between 1969 and 1985. Its distinguished seven-sided shape made it quite attractive and distinguishable from traditional round currency. These Britannia 50p coins had the same value as a crown, despite the difference in size and appearance. Once the 5p and 10p coins became legal tender, the Britannia 50p coin prevailed as the largest coin in circulation.

The Britannia 50p coin issuance took place only during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. That is why the large version of this currency only exists with the image of Her Majesty. The reverse presents Britannia as we already know her. Seated with a lion by her side, she holds an olive branch and a modified version of the trident. She is also wearing a Roman helmet, celebrating the victorious Roman conquest of Britain. A symbol of power, victory, strength, and peace altogether.

large 50p britannia coin

Rarest Version of Britannia 50p Coin

Due to its short minting period, the large version of the Britannia 50p coin can be the rarest one. However, the rarest Britannia 50p coin is the one issued in 2008. Its rarity is because, in that year, the Treasury decided to remove the female figure from its obverse. This decision received critics from politicians and society, who considered Britannia a symbol of British currency and tradition. The Royal Mint, however, did not participate much in the debate.

The 2008 Britannia 50p, hence, became a highly collectable item. It carries both the British tradition of the British Isles’ female symbol and a primary concern for society and politics. If you wish to buy the 2008 Britannia 50p coin, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly advise you on different places to find this rare coin at an accessible and profitable price.

Britannia Silver Coins

Britannia silver coins had an uninterrupted yearly release since 1997 when the Royal Mint issued the first one. This first release included a proof set. These proof versions would present a different design of Britannia each year. In contrast, the bullion version of the coin always showed the classic standing figure. During 2014, some Britannia silver coins had an incorrect obverse image. There had been a mix up during the manufacturing process with the Lunar Year of the Horse series. With around 17,000 examples, this mintage mistake caused this Britannia silver coin to become a valuable collectable item.

Apart from the minting mistake, these are a good investment. Due to the imaging modifications and the symbolism they carry, these coins have proved to be of a significant profit when collected or traded. As a plus, Britannia silver coins are free of taxes in the United Kingdom, making this item even more attractive for investing.

Silver Coins for Sale

If you wish to buy Britannia silver coins, you can browse our store and find the best online price for it. Otherwise, you can also contact us and find guidance and tips to make the best profit out of it. We always recommend that readers check before purchasing from an online trader. Many of them have hidden fees that do not comply with the coin’s actual value, decreasing the profit that a silver item like Britannia silver coins can offer. Always remember that you can check official price guides and charts for each item you wish to purchase to make the best profit out of your investments.

GEM BU Silver Coins for Sale

Apart from the silver Britannia coins of legal tender, the Royal Mint also issues a series of coins in GEM BU. As the term reflects, these coins are in the same condition as when they left the Mint and have not gone under any third-party grading service.  According to the NGC service, these coins correspond to an MS-65 classification or higher. Still, they do not have an official MS number.

If you wish to buy Britannia silver coins in GEM BU condition, you can click here. Otherwise, you can also browse our store and find the best one for your investment strategy or collection. Remember that you can always contact us if you need any further information on Britannia silver GEM BU coins. You can also do so regarding any other topic related to investments.

Britannia Gold Coins

The first release of a Britannia gold coin was in 1987 by the Royal Mint. Even though their release was before the silver version, their mintage and different sizing have made Britannia gold coins a rare item for collectors and investors. These coins have two different minting periods. From 1987 to 2012, available presentations were one ounce, half-ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth-ounce sizes—each of them with their corresponding gold content and weight. 2013 Britannia gold coins onwards have a millesimal fineness of .999 or 24-carat gold.

The Best 5 Britannia Coin Collections

Due to their variety and antiquity, Britannia coins can group in various ways. Being such a desirable item, many collectors and investors choose to seek different featured coins that share something in common. Whether you are searching for a significant investment, or a beautiful display bearing historical events to commemorate, a Britannia coin collection is always a great choice. These are the best five ideas to organise your collection.

  • A timeline collection can include examples from the very first Britannia coin from the 17th century. Following a timeline, it can reach the Queen Elizabeth II version, including the large version of the 50p one. Thus, your Britannia collection can include various examples that have suffered modifications -and removals as well throughout time.
  • Yearly issuing collection can focus on the silver coin designs since its first release in 1997. An excellent timeline of modern times’ silver coins, from the first issuance to the present time.
  • Gold Britannia collections can include all gold editions from their first issuance in 1987. An example of each, with their various sizes and gold content, including the 2013 modification.
  • 5oz silver collection would also be a great idea to display special editions of Britannia silver coins. Seeking unique features, a 5oz silver coin will always add value and content to your collection.
  • First-issuance collections can include every first issuance whenever a Britannia design suffered an alteration. This collection would also include modern designs, such as those designed after removing the female symbol from the obverse—unique items for an impressive display.

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