Ancient Coins May Serve as Evidence for Piracy Crimes

A handful of ancient coins found in New England may serve as evidence for Captain Every’s disappearance. So it was when authorities tracked him for one of the most significant crimes in history.

Who Was Captain Every and Where Did He Get Those Ancient Coins?

With Every at the lead, Pirate ship Fancy tracked and ambushed a royal vessel, the Ganj-i-Sawai. This royal vessel belonged to Aurangzeb, an Indian emperor and one of the most powerful men back then. It carried Muslim pilgrims from Mecca to India, bringing them back home. As they escaped, they pretended to be slave traders. But, what does this have to do with the ancient coins found?

Apart from the pilgrims, the royal vessel also carried tens of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver. Historians say Every and his crew killed the men and raped the women aboard. Then, they took the coins and escaped to the Bahamas, a safe place for pirates back then. Word spread very quickly, and King William III put an enormous bounty on their heads. But, as authorities tracked the criminals, Every and his band of thieves vanished, leaving no trace.

Captain Every’s Ancient Coins

The ancient coins are of Arabic minting, which serves as evidence that Every and his crew used part of the bounty to pay for their expenses as they escaped the law. Furthermore, historians claim there was no evidence of New World inhabitants travelling to the Middle East until at least ten years after their issuance. Thus, they may serve as evidence for Captain’s Every vanishment.

The first coin founder used a metal detector in 2014 to locate the silver item. Years before that, he had found some old colonial coins in the area, too, along with some musket balls. After believing they were of Spanish origin, he saw the Arabic inscriptions on the item, which made him curious enough. Researchers confirmed the 1693 mintage in Yemen. After that, 15 more ancient coins appeared in the area.

What Do The Ancient Coins Tell Us About Captain Every?

As we mentioned before, authorities thought Captain Every had escaped to the Bahamas. Posing as a slave trader, a trendy profession back then, he even picked some captives to screen for his story. He then changed ships, leaving Fancy behind and sailing on a new one called The Sea Flower. With nearly four dozen slaves, Every docked at Newport, Rhode Island, one of the biggest hubs for slave traders.

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Captain Every and his crew stayed in Rhode Island for some time until things calmed down. During his stay, he used part of the bounty to pay for his expenses. This fact explains why someone could find the ancient coins in the American colonies. Even though it is too late now to condemn Every, the most important thing is the story behind silver and gold antique items.

Captain Every Is Still Present Nowadays

Captain Every has been subject to many stories. A book by Steven Johnson, “Enemy of All Mankind”, tells some of his felonies as a pirate. A popular game, “Uncharted”, also includes part of his pirate life. There is also a Sony Pictures movie starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas under production. Rumour has it that it will get to the screens in early 2022.

Many people are now trying to find more ancient objects that can tell something else about Captain Every’s trace. We believe many stories will take place once they start showing up. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to receive more news and updates on silver and gold coins. Thank you for reading!

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