Coin-Collecting Supplies Any Collector Must Have

Coin-collecting supplies are a must for any numismatist. They help us protect our assets and display them in the most attractive ways. Check our list of products to learn what your collection is missing!

Collecting coins is a thrilling hobby. There are infinite coin series that we want to purchase and complete. Additionally, some of them release new items every year, and we strive to keep our displays up to date.


Another great feature of collecting coins is that they help us protect our wealth. Financial markets usually move similarly to precious metals. Thus, by acquiring gold or silver coins, for instance, you know your money is safe from decreasing its value.

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However, as our coin collections grow, we encounter a challenging task: keeping them in good shape and condition. Consequently, we then start to look for different supplies that can help us protect – and show off, of course – our precious coins.

In this opportunity, we would like to bring you some high-quality supplies you can purchase online. You will find equipment ranging from individual coin cases or protective capsules to premium holders or even frames that enhance your coin display. Additionally, suppose you are looking for massive storage. In that case, there are also some boxes, trays and cases that will keep your prized assets organized, clean, and away from any harm or external hazard.

Coin Boxes with Tubes

In this coin-collecting supply list, we’ll go from macro to micro. So, to begin with, we have massive-storage coin boxes. These boxes are an excellent option when looking to store a significant amount of non-encapsulated coins. Additionally, the stacking tubes within the containers are ideal for organizing your bullion coins according to your preferred categories.

Austrian Silver Monster Box

Both the coin container and the tubes inside are original from the Austrian Mint. It can hold up to 500 1oz silver coins of 37 mm in diameter or less. 

austrian mint coin box

Royal Canadian Mint Monster Box

This original Royal Canadian Mint coin box brings stacking tubes that can store up to 500 1oz silver coins of 38 mm in diameter or less. Its original intention was to transport silver Maple Leafs safely.

royal canadian mint coin box

Royal Mint Monster Box

This original Royal Mint coin box once stored 1oz silver Britannias. It can hold up to 500 1oz coins of 39 mm diameter or less. The tubes inside the box are also original Royal Mint tubes and will keep your assets safely stacked.

royal mint coin box

Perth Mint Mini Monster Box

This mini-monster coin box is the official one for the Perth Mint. Smaller than the previous boxes, it can store up to 250 1oz silver coins. However, the official tubes inside can fit coins up to 40,6 mm in diameter. 

perth mint coin box

Coin-Slab Holders, Trays, and Cases

Coin slab holders will keep your NGC or PCGS graded coins organized and safe. On the other hand, slab trays will also keep them organized while providing an elegant display for you to show to your guests. These are excellent options when seeking a place to put your graded coins. 

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While coin-slab trays and cases are ideal for placing on a shelf or any display surface, holders are a perfect means of transporting your graded coins safely. 

Coin Slab Case

This beautifully designed coin-slab case can hold up to 24 NGC or PCGS graded coins in their protective cases. Due to its levelled presentation, you can organize your coins by category. Each tray can store up to 8 slabs.

coin slab case

This wooden matte coin-slab case has magnetic clasps that hold the lid closed while transporting it. As a plus, its finish is elegant enough to display either open or closed on a shelf or any other surface of your preference.

Coin Display Tray

This coin-slab tray is the perfect way to organize, store, and display your NGC or PCGS graded coins. The tray can store up to 20 coins inside their corresponding slabs. In addition, you can choose how to categorize your coin collection and easily arrange them to look as beautiful as possible.

coin slab tray

Coin-Slab Holder Box

If you are looking to safely protect and transport your graded coins to your next meeting, this is the best way to do so. As a plus, they are great for saving space in your safe while keeping your coin collection organized by category. These coin-slab holder boxes can store up to 10 NGC or PCGS graded coins in their respective protective cases.

coin slab box

Individual Coin Holders

Last but not least, we find individual coin holders. We know that sometimes our favourite coin may not be a PCGS or NGC graded one. Still, we cherish it at a point that we wouldn’t like any harm to come to it. These protective cases are an ideal way to store your preferred ungraded coins.

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Protective Coin Capsules

Protective coin capsules are great for ordinary coins that we want to keep safe from harm. As they are crystal clear transparent plastic, they allow viewers to inspect, appreciate, and flip your precious coins without even touching them.

individual protective coin capsules

They come in packs of 10 capsules and can fit coins up to 41 mm in diameter. Their crescent edge design allows an easy opening when needed while also a secure closed fit when carrying your assets.

Premium Universal Coin Holders

If you have an ungraded coin, but you can’t set your eyes apart from it, then you might require a coin holder. These cases will make your favourite item stand out while keeping it safe. Their crystal clear plastic lid ensures a secure fit. Additionally, the black foam core creates an ideal contrast for your favourite coin.

individual coin holders

These coin holders come in packs of 10 and fit coins up to 41 mm in diameter. 

Floating Coin Frame 

The last coin-collecting supply in our list is a genuine spotlight for your most exquisite 1oz coin. This floating coin frame can fit any 1oz coin. Thus, your favourite item will be safe from harm while enabling an incredible display for you to check your shelf every five seconds.

floating coin frame

The two transparent flexible membranes surround your coin of preference and make it seem as if it were floating. The plastic frame also comes with two feet for you to place your favourite collector’s asset vertically on any surface you want to decorate. 

Whether for transport, safe storage, organization, display, or all of them at once, coin-collecting supplies are a must for any numismat. Feel free to contact us through any available channels to ask for other items or advice on where to place your precious collectables.

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