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With the apparition of the pandemic at the beginning of last year, shipping deliveries grew at a significant scale. This was mainly due to the unavoidable and necessary transformation for most shops from physical to online. As a positive aspect, this also increased exposure for many of them who used to focus on only local customers.


But this improvement in popularity for most shops that converted to an online presentation also brought a big concern – delivering the items. While they previously didn’t deal with suitable packaging, delivery costs, and time-consuming deals – not to mention innovating technologies – these industries now face a new challenge. Thus, finding ways to reach out to all of their new customers may not be as simple as it seems.

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Consequently, customers or potential buyers also find quite a big obstacle. Once they see something attractive enough to complete an online purchase, they find out that the online store doesn’t ship to their home address. Thus, dropshipping appears as a possible solution.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a service that some stores and physical people provide for buyers who find out the provider doesn’t ship to their desired location. This may be due to geographical restrictions, such as exporting their products to a specific region. On the other hand, some potential buyers are not available at a particular time.

Another advantage of a dropshipping service is door-to-door delivery. A store can have a shipping service to the desired location but not to a home address. Consequently, purchasers have to go to a post office or designated store to pick up their items. With dropshipping, this concern ceases to exist.

How Can I Acquire a Dropshipping Service?

As we mentioned before, dropshipping has become a custom nowadays. Moreover, the pandemic and immense transformation to online shopping have made web browsers one of our first options when purchasing a product. 

And this concern is even more challenging when it comes to coins. Whenever we find a suitable trader with an item we would like to purchase for our collection, we sometimes encounter the same problem. We can’t receive it at the comfort of our home address. Thus, we either have to dismiss the purchase or fall into the risk of buying from a non-certified trader.

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The first option may not seem as serious – although no coin collector would like to miss an excellent opportunity to complete a collection or acquire the desired item. However, the second implies a more considerable risk. Forgers and scammers are constantly looking for people to fall for their schemes.

At Buysilvergold, we know that some of our trusted partners, such as QuickSilver or 7kMetals, do not offer worldwide shipping. Thus, we receive constant queries on how to participate in their profitable membership plans. As a result, we have decided to offer a dropshipping service to help them achieve their investment goals, complete their coin collections, or get a specific item they liked from their online stores.

Contact Buysilvergold’s Dropshipping Service

Feel free to contact us when you find an item that cannot ship to your specific location. We are glad to announce that our dropshipping service has different methods to help you regarding that issue. Thus, shipping will not be a concern, and you will be able to receive the coin you seek without a problem. 

As a plus, we can also advise you on different stores to get an item you may have found. Whether due to shipment issues, cost, or availability, we know various places where you can get the best products at the best price found online. 

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