Mexico 1kg. Libertad Silver Coin

As collectors, we are always looking for new and rare items to add to our coin collections. We seek different coins with exceptional mintage, limited editions, or peculiarities in their specifications to add value to our display. But, of course, we also strive for perfect condition. This brings our attention to the Mexico 1kg. Libertad silver coin, which belongs to a limited yearly mintage. A great opportunity for collectors.

Mexico 1kg. Libertad silver coin is issued every year, with a limited mintage of 500 coins. Its design resembles the currently accepted currency by Banco de Mexico, with the Winged Victory statue on its reverse and the Coat of Arms on its obverse. It contains 32.15 troy ounces of .999 silver purity.

As a small proportion of this coin’s limited mintage is available in perfect condition, its value tends to grow year after year. What is more, it is an excellent way of acquiring a profitable amount of silver in just one coin. If you want to learn more about Mexico 1kg. Libertad silver coin, its design, history, and how to acquire it, this article is just what you need!

Mexico 1kg. Libertad Silver Coin Design

Libertad coins present the same design as those accepted by Banco de Mexico for trade. With a modification since 2000, Mexican Coat of Arms is shown on the obverse. The Winged Victory statue is presented on the reverse. However, there is much more to the story of these important figures.

Since the year 2000, Mexican Libertad silver coins have introduced some changes on the obverse. While prior to that year, it just presented the current Mexican Coat of Arms, it now also shows the previous ten versions of this symbol surrounding the current one in the centre. Mexican Coat of Arms consists of oak and laurel leaves surrounding an eagle. The animal is holding a rattlesnake in its beak while standing on top of a cactus.

Obverse design from 1982 – 1999
The new design of the obverse, since year 2000

The reverse introduces the figure of Winged Victory. This statue appears in most Mexican places of importance, such as squares and Government buildings. In the background, Mexico’s two most recognisable volcanoes make their appearance. Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes are not only internationally famous for their greatness but also because of a popular story that involves love, loss, and grief.

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Why Are These Coins So Valuable?

These coins follow the tradition of the famous Libertad Series, which originated in 1982. Their yearly mintage includes different weights, such as 1oz., 2oz. and 5oz., silver coins. However, 1kg. Libertad coins are of limited edition each year, with an average of 500 coins per year. This makes them very difficult to acquire and, thus, makes their value go up.

As an additional fact, not every single 1kg. Libertad coin is available in perfect condition. These are very rare and vary in quantity. As an example, the 2020 edition counts with as little as 18 MS-70 coins. These are sold in their coin case, with NGC authenticity certificate and serial number for you to verify online.

How Can You Get 1kg Libertad Silver Coins?

As mentioned above, 1kg. Libertad Silver coins are tough to acquire in perfect condition. You can check for yourself in different trading sites, which allow you to ask for notification as soon as one example is available. Of course, at a very high price, that may get up to U$2,000. This makes them very valuable objects to collect—a must for exquisite collectors.

If you want to know how to get Mexico 1kg. Libertad silver coin or you need assistance to acquire it, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance. Whether it is to learn more about it or see different available options to get hold of it, you can always count on our expertise. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about news and tips on investments, and get an exclusive weekly benefit for free!

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