QuickSilver Review: Products and Business Opportunity

This exhaustive QuickSilver review will review the vital aspects of this website’s wealth-producing opportunities to customers and members. As a plus, we will check the different ways of creating your own online business, tackling all requirements to consider.

Founded on May 1, 2019, by Chrissie and Keith Messier in Sarasota, Florida, QuickSilver appeared as an opportunity for coin collectors and stackers. However, besides their bullion coin sales, they offer different plans and memberships to generate a passive income online.

What Is QuickSilver?

At first sight, QuickSilver is an online store that sells bullion coins. They are constantly renewing their stock, which is quite varied and attractive for collectors, stackers, and investors. You can learn about the different coins they add by subscribing to their newsletter or becoming a member.

And this membership concept brings us to the second part of the QuickSilver business. Apart from selling coins, they also offer different membership deals for investors to access preferred prices, refer people to their stores, and generate a passive income online.

Thirdly, QuickSilver also has a charity mission. While they help people accelerate their wealth, they are partners with FMSC (Feed My Starving Children) association. In this way, they derive a percentage of two of their available plans to families worldwide.

Who Are Its Founders?

As we mentioned before in this QuickSilver review, their business began in 2019 in the hands of Chrissie and Keith Messier. Their main idea was to offer pure silver bullion coins at accessible prices for collectors, stackers, or even one-time buyers when they first started. And they got that right! Many of the silver coins they offer have the lowest prices online.

By creating this MLM business opportunity, QuickSilver founders offer a chance to receive silver bullion coins at accessible prices. Besides, you can start your own online business and generate a passive income online. This residual income comes from referrals or new members and follows a pyramidal structure with binary commissions.


What Does QuickSilver Sell?

Even though QuickSilver specialises in bullion coins, their online store offers a wide variety of products you can choose from. They always aim to provide the lowest price online (sometimes it is, others quite competitive). Thus, the amount shown in your cart includes credit card transaction fees. Depending on your country of residence, their prices don’t hold hidden fees, apart from state or national taxes.

Here are some of the products you can find at a QuickSilver store:

  • Bullion coins: QuickSilver stores have a wide variety of ungraded silver coins. These include legacy coins, such as Silver Eagles, Krugerrands, and Maple Leafs. However, they also have other products that belong to coin collections, sets, or series. Product condition varies and is specified for each coin. Some of them are of a random date, but most are GEM BU. Please read our article on Different Official Mint Conditions to learn more.
QuickSilver 1oz silver krugerrand
A 2022 1oz silver Krugerrand you can get, with its membership discount price
  • Graded coins: These coins sold by QuickSilver have an NGC or PCGS certificate of authenticity. Their value tends to be much higher than bullion coins due to having an official entity certification of their state. They come with their protective case and serial number for you to check. Read our article on the Numismatic Guaranty Company to learn more about it.
  • Coin-Collecting supplies: Apart from coins, QuickSilver also offers a wide variety of coin collecting supplies. These supplies range from used official storage boxes to either individual or grouped displays where you can safely store, protect, and show your coin collections. If you want to learn more about these products, feel free to browse our article on Coin-Collecting Supplies Any Collector Must Have.

QuickSilver Review: Wealth Accelerated Program

One of the membership deals QuickSilver offers through selling bullion coins is their Wealth Accelerated program. As a Wealth Ambassador, you get to choose the membership plan that best suits your budget and goals. As a plus, each of them also has different options for you to consider, aiming at generating a passive income, collecting bullion coins, and creating your own online business. Here’s what they offer:

  • QuickSilver Wealth Accelerated Platform: The QuickSilver Wealth Platform includes different benefits provided by the website. For a monthly fee of $9.97, QuickSilver activates and manages your online store. You get your personalised QuickSilver website with e-commerce facilities enabled. As a plus, both your customers and you as a member get support for any given issue that may come up. 
  • QuickSilver Auto Wealth: The QuickSilver Auto Wealth program consists of receiving 1, 2, 4 or 10 1oz silver coins every month. The price for one coin is $29.97, and it increases accordingly. This is a good investment option, as most 1oz silver coins are worth over that price. You can also learn which coins participate in this program.
  • QuickSilver Coin Challenge: QuickSilver also offers a coin-collecting challenge. By purchasing their starter kit, you get the goal of completing the 16-slots coin case in 90 days. Upon completion, you double your income. The price for participating in this challenge is a 4-coin monthly subscription, plus a one time $149 charge for the supplies (nowadays, there’s an ongoing sale where you can save $10).
  • Preferred Customer: If you don’t wish to receive a 1oz coin every month, you can subscribe as a preferred customer. Preferred customers get to enjoy membership prices. This plan does not include any membership fees nor requires any long-term commitment.

Are QuickSilver Plans Profitable?

All of the previously mentioned plans in this QuickSilver review are profitable if you invest or collect coins. Our Master Guide for Beginners explains that silver is a good investment due to its high demand. As a plus, it is also an excellent way to protect your wealth during hard times due to being a tangible asset.

Another good characteristic of QuickSilver plans is that you can cancel anytime or choose your billing date according to your income. As a plus, member or customer support is available anytime if you need it. There’s no long-term commitment. So, if you’re looking for different ways of generating a passive income or building an online business, QuickSilver is a good option to begin.

On the downside, if you’re looking for variety, QuickSilver does not specify which of the available coins (see above) you’ll receive. So you can’t expect to receive a different coin every month if you’re planning to set up a collection. However, all possible coins are valuable, so you can either sell them and profit or stack them as wealth-protecting assets.

Quicksilver wealth accelerated program coins
Some of the coins you can get during February with the QuickSilver Wealth Accelerated program

QuickSilver Review: Affiliate and Referral Programs

When you sign up for any of the plans listed above (except for the preferred customer one), QuickSilver arranges an e-commerce website on your behalf. There, you get to see all available coins you can promote, with a description that includes all necessary information. Some of them even have embedded videos that show the product, and you can check (and share) it to increase your sales.

When you share a coin, you just need to add your affiliate ID to the URL. That way, QuickSilver knows you got that client, so you receive a commission per sale. You can promote coins anywhere you want, as QuickSilver doesn’t have restrictions on platforms or channels.

Another positive feature QuickSilver store offers to members is the possibility to check how many people entered your store during that month. This way, you get an idea of how well your promotion strategy is working, and you can adjust that accordingly.

Last but not least, another way to generate a passive income with QuickSilver is by referring people to your store to become a member. As we mentioned before, this structure is called “binary commissions”. You get a percentage of the sales by any of your referrals. The more people you refer – or recruit – the better, as you move through their different levels.

To Conclude: Is QuickSilver A Solid Business Opportunity?

After going through this QuickSilver review, we can conclude that:

With almost three years in business, QuickSilver seems a solid opportunity to get coins online at a good price. As there’s no monthly fee to become a preferred customer, you can enjoy the member price, saving more money. But, besides their price, QuickSilver silver coins seem a good opportunity to grade and get a better profit when sold.

The QuickSilver Wealth Accelerated proposal is a good deal regarding its business opportunity. Of course, you will earn money accordingly to the time you invest. Still, membership costs can be covered with the passive income you receive from affiliate products or referred people.

Lastly, their coin-collecting challenge also seems an attractive asset. Getting that double-reward prize sounds like a good deal. However, it includes investing more significant amounts of money, which may limit your budget.

Knowing which membership to acquire depending on your interests, goals, or budget may seem tough. If you fail to get the right plan, you may be investing too much money, resulting in losses. If you’re not sure which membership plan is the most suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact us through any of our available channels.

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