Is Silver Return Better Than a Savings Account?

As investors, we always look for the best Return on Investment (ROI) when we decide to sell our goods. And as human beings, we always look for the best profit in everything we do. Many people have doubts about where to invest their money, and the easy way out is a savings account. But, is that the best way to obtain profit from our investments?

Silver as an investment outnumbers a savings account’s return on profit. Its volatility and constant rise in value ensure a better return on investment than having a savings account. However, it is always important to know where to buy and sell silver to obtain the best return on your investment.

Throughout our experience as investors, we learn that compensating inflation rates is not profit but a way to reduce the impact caused by it. If you are interested in obtaining a return that surpasses these rates, this article is just for you. Keep on reading to learn more about obtaining a better return from silver than with a savings account.

What is the Difference Between Investing in Silver and a Savings Account?

What we do with a savings account is lending our money to the bank. As it happens in any official loan, an interest rate is arranged – fixed or variable. The bank uses our money in ways they decide, and whenever we need it – that is, if the period was not previously set – we ‘tell’ the bank that we no longer want them to dispose of our funds, and interest is obtained.

The main problem with that interest rate fixed by the bank in a unilateral way is that, as we mentioned before, investors look for profit. And banks, whether you like it or not, have their own investing teams. Of course, you obtain profit from your savings account. But that profit is by no means higher than the inflation rates in your country. Please take a moment or two and check it for yourself. Done and still here? The good side of this story is that there is a better way.

Silver is a volatile investment; this means that the price difference may jump in no time. But the most important thing in its volatility is that it outnumbers a savings account’s return on investment. What is more, it is even higher than inflation rates. In this way, you are not compensating inflation just by shortening the gap; you are making a real profit by surpassing that rate.

Where Can I Get a Good Return from My Silver Investments?

To obtain a better profit from your silver investments than what you may get from a savings account, you need to know when and where to buy and sell your metal. It has been said that coins are the best way to invest in metal, and as an investor, you may already know that the best moment to buy is when prices are low. But where should you trade your silver? Here is a list of places with good rates for you to make the most out of your investments.

  • Soundmoney This is a wallet app created in alliance with 7kmetals where you can convert your cash into gold or silver and vice-versa. Your money and goods are safe and available to trade with the platform or even with other users at excellent rates.
  • eBay In this well-known platform, you can find silver items at a retail price. What is most, many of them are introduced in a bidding system, in which you can offer to pay a profitable price.
  • Social Media Marketplaces Social media has become one of the best places for businesses. And in the case of investments, this is no exception. Facebook pages or groups, for example, provide great buyback prices for you to obtain the best return on investment.
  • Companies Some companies also provide reasonable rates that will ensure a good investment return, giving you profit when buying and selling metal.

Other Tips on Investments

Whether you are just diving into the metal investment world for the first time, or you have vast experience on how to obtain the best profit, there are some things that you need to bear in mind. Here are some extra pro-tips for you to get the best profit out of your metals.

  • Know your market Once you decide to trade with a certain market, learn how it works. Silver does not follow a pattern, but there are some factors (such as economic decisions) that will affect its price. If you are planning to buy, do not rush, but look for retail prices and offers.
  • Be decisive when selling. Obtaining good profit will always be a good decision. Be assertive when doing so, and do not speculate much or feel disappointed if you decide to sell with a good return and prices continue to rise afterwards. Profit has already been achieved.
  • Avoid pawn shops Pawn shops are businesses that will always try to diminish the value of whatever object you are looking to trade to obtain a better income. Even though they know their field, they aim to get profit out of your necessity. Try to keep away from them when looking to sell.

Silver trading is an incredible world to learn about. And, as time goes by, more profitable variables appear for you to make a profit out of it. Feel free to browse our shop and start putting your money to work.


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