7kMetals Introduces Smart Selector To Its AutoSaver Plan

The new software allows members to decide if they want to receive duplicates of a coin or if they’d instead get a new one every month within the AutoSaver Plan.

Our partners from 7kMetals have announced the incorporation of Smart Selector. This new software prevents members from receiving coin duplicates in their monthly membership. Smart Selector is an addition to the AutoSaver Plan, one of 7kMetals’ membership features.


7kMetals members can now opt to use this newly added feature and avoid receiving a coin they already have within their collection. As a plus, they can keep saving on silver and gold coins for their legacy or retirement.

What is 7kMetals’ AutoSaver Plan?

The AutoSaver Plan is part of 7kMetals’ membership. It allows you to receive an exclusive 7k collectable at home every month. Becoming a member is an excellent way of saving for retirement or legacy in gold and silver coins.

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One of the most exciting features of the AutoSaver Plan is that it is automatic. This means that you don’t need to remember to invest each month. Instead, the membership does it for you, and you automatically receive an item in return to save your wealth.

So, by participating in the 7kMetals’ AutoSaver plan, you ensure a gold or silver coin – depending on your preference – every month. Thus, you store your wealth in a safe investment type for your future.

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What Is The Smart Selector Software?

Besides storing their wealth, many people use the AutoSaver plan to collect the items within the 7kMetals’ coin series. Consequently, receiving duplicates was not great news for them. So they decided to look for a solution to this.

Within the AutoSaver program, you can choose from several options of graded collections, both in gold and silver. While some people get one of them, others prefer to subscribe to multiple programs and, thus, get more coins each month.

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The Smart Selector software scans your order history and, if enabled, looks for coins in a particular collection that you do not hold. Thus, it reduces the possibility of receiving a duplicate—a pretty good idea for those who seek an investment option while also building up a coin collection.

This new software makes it easier for members to collect the coins they are looking for. Contact us using any available channel or schedule a live meeting if you have questions regarding 7kMetals’ membership plans.

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