Forecast on Silver Price for The End of 2021?

forecast on silver price

The Professional Numismatists Guild gave their forecasts on silver price for 2021. They also made their forecasts for gold and platinum. An organization that belongs to a bullion dealer predicted how silver prices will behave towards the end of this year. More specifically, the members of the Accredited Precious Metals Dealers (APMD) of the Professional … Read more

Is Now The Best Moment To Invest in Silver?


Is now the best moment to buy silver? This question has become very popular lately. Why? Silver is now experiencing some alterations on its spot price. This market movement has caught the attention of both collectors and investors. After a significant rise from December 2020 to this date, silver is not experiencing a considerable drop … Read more

How Much Are Olympic Medals Worth?

olympic medals

The Olympic games are here. And for us, the value of gold, silver and bronze Olympic medals have become a central topic of discussion. Olympic medals are an attractive asset for investors and collectors. Their history, origin, production, and value are some of the most recurrent concerns. As a plus, their historical significance due to … Read more

Are Krugerrands A Good Investment?

krugerrands springbok

Gold and silver Krugerrands are some of the most popular coins worldwide. Both collectors and investors look for them online and through physical stores due to their worth and popularity. Their history is as fascinating as their design, which adds to their total value as an investment. However, Krugerrands became of illegal import for some … Read more

NGC: The Grading Agency with Over 50M Graded Articles


The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced they have reached 50 million graded coins, tokens, and medals last June 2021. This accomplishment is an outstanding piece of news since it is the first third-party grading agency to reach that number. At Buysilvergold, we celebrate this event and take this opportunity to explain what NGC is … Read more

White Gold: A Complete Guide

white gold

Many people wonder what white gold is. It looks like silver and feels like silver to the untrained eye. However, they are very different from each other. That is why we decided to create this complete guide on white gold: composition, texture, value, and comparisons to other precious metals. Does white gold tarnish? Is white … Read more