NGC: The Grading Agency with Over 50M Graded Articles

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced they have reached 50 million graded coins, tokens, and medals last June 2021. This accomplishment is an outstanding piece of news since it is the first third-party grading agency to reach that number. At Buysilvergold, we celebrate this event and take this opportunity to explain what NGC is for those who are new in the investments industry.

NGC is the world’s largest third-party coin grading service. After grading a coin, medal, or token, they certify it by assigning a serial number. Anyone can trace this number to check authenticity. NGC offers private investors and collectors services, like grading, imaging, and metallurgic analysis.

Having a coin graded by NGC provides the security of its value and authenticity. Due to their reputation, any investor or collector will trust a certified coin seller. Besides, if you think a coin is worth more -or less- than what is published, you can always recur to them for a re-grading service. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about NGC, its history, and services you can hire to improve your profits and invest in a better way.

What is NGC?

NGC stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. It is the world’s largest third-party coin grading service, with over 50 million graded articles, including coins, medals, and tokens. After grading an item, they certify its authenticity by assigning a serial number to it. Anyone in the world can recur to their website to check if it is genuine with this number. Thus, before buying a certified coin, you can be sure that it is legitimate. Any investor or collector can also hire their grading services for non-graded articles or ask for a re-grading service if they consider value has changed.

Founded in 1987, the NGC has invested their capital and time in providing one of the largest and most popular grading services worldwide for coins, tokens, and medals. With over 30 full-time coin graders and consultants, NGC has formed a grading team that takes charge of ensuring the authenticity of any of these items. What is more, they have also researched and developed an advanced protective holder for long-term preservation. This holder is present in the Smithsonian Institution and other well-known museums that wish to protect their assets.

NGC Grading Service Fees

Here, you can check the NGC price and fees. As we mentioned before, NGC offers a grading service for individuals. Whether they are collectors, investors, or they want to know the value and condition of an article they possess is indifferent. Here is an updated list of the different services and fees that NGC provides. An NGC Scratch-Resistant Holder costs an additional U$5. Delivery times may vary depending on the article.

Grading Tiers

These are the different fees for the NGC grading service. Each category depends on the type of coin, its value, and minting date.

  • Unlimited Value WalkThrough services are for all US or world coins. Each graded coin has a cost of U$350 + 1% or Fair Market Value. Delivery time is about 24 hours.
  • WalkThrough Service has a limit coin value of U$25,000. It costs U$175 and takes about three days to deliver.
  • Their Express Service, with a maximum coin value of U$10,000, costs U$80 and takes about 14 days for US coins and 31 days for items from other countries.
  • Early Bird or Standard Service has a maximum coin value of U$3,000, costs U$38 and takes about 24-30 days to deliver.
  • Specialty Gold Service is only available for US coins with a maximum value of U$3,000. It costs U$38 and takes about 24 days.
  • Gold Service is for US coins, such as Liberty, Indians, Saint-Gaudens, and world coins struck before 1980. The maximum coin value for this service is U$3,000, with a cost of U$30. It takes about 22-28 to deliver.
  • Economy Service is for all non-gold US or world coins, excluding US Colonials. Striking has to be before 1990.  It has a maximum coin value of U$300 and costs U$22. Delivery takes between 34-43 days.
  • Modern Service is for US or world coins from 1965 onwards. The maximum coin value is U$2,000 and costs U$18. Delivery takes about 42-59 days.

NGC Price Guide

NGC also provides an online price guide for worldwide coins. Divided into US, world, China, and world gold coins categories, these guides are a valuable tool if you are looking to purchase a specific item or if you want to enlarge your coin collection. Fortunately, it is not complex and practical to use and is available for both members and non-membership visitors. If you wish to check NGC Price Guide, you can click here or find it under their “Resources” menu online.

As a plus, NGC also has a “Coin Melt Values” list, where you can also check the intrinsic metal values of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. NGC updates this list every 15 minutes during market hours, so it becomes a valuable tool when looking to make a profit out of your investments or planning to purchase at the best spot price. Feel free to check on this list whenever you want to and make the best profit out of your investments.

NGC Imaging Service Fee

The NGC also offers an imaging service. Their fees and delivery times depend on the desired category. These imaging services intend to fulfil e-shops, collectors and investors to display their assets, both online or physical. These are the different services and fees the NGC offers on their website.

ServiceFee per CoinDelivery Time
Internet Imaging Have an accurate high-resolution image of any of your NGC coins. A digital display of obverse, reverse, and holder.U$510 days
NGC Photo Vision This service consists of a JPG image of the obverse, reverse and side-by-side with the NGC logo and serial number.  U$815 days
Photo Proof Only available for certified US coins and some certified world coins.U$6510-14 days
DuplicateU$155-7 days
NGC Services and Fees

NGC Membership

The NGC also offers membership to anyone who desires to hire their services. Having the membership is the first step to grading a coin, medal, or token you possess. Depending on the membership tier, you can access more services. Each different category has a yearly cost, which you can find in the list below. If you wish to hire any of NGC’s services, you first need to become a member. Choose the correct membership for your needs, and continue with the necessary steps.

  • Free membership includes full access to all online resources. These include grading services and serial number checking.
  • Associate membership costs U$25/year. In addition to the previous tier, it also has direct submission privileges and discounts on some of the provided services.
  • Premium membership has a cost of U$149/year and also includes U$150 credit with NGC.
  • Elite membership costs U$299/year and includes bulk submissions and discounts on conservation and grading services.

Is NGC Better than PCGS?

NGC is not the only available grading service. The Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) also offers similar benefits to collectors and investors. This agency also assigns a serial number that you can check online for authenticity. As services are alike, it is not for us to say which one is better. What we suggest you do if you are looking for a grading service is comparing their fees and seeing which one adapts to your needs and possibilities.

By grading a coin, medal, or token, you are not only providing a guarantee to a potential buyer. You are also adding value to your collection and ensuring a third-party grading agency has reviewed your item. This suggestion is also valid before buying a new coin for your display or as an investment. By checking the serial number -if any-, you can be sure your potential purchase is worth the price.

What Is PCGS?

As we mentioned before, PCGS is another grading service agency. Its origins in Newport Beach, CA in 1985, aims to address some serious problems to take the rare coin industry to its full potential. You can see their services, along with their corresponding fees, on their website. They also have a PCGS Price Guide for you to check on coins or banknotes updated prices online.

If you want to hire any of PCGS services, you can find them online. A coin or banknote graded by a third-party grading agency is always a valid guarantee of authenticity, value, and condition. Feel free to browse their website or contact us for more information on PCGS services and fees. We will be glad to help you out with any of your concerns.

Should I Avoid Buying Non-Graded Coins

Even though checking for a coin’s authenticity is a good practice before making a purchase, it is not an exclusive condition. You can always buy non-graded coins as long as you check the trader’s identity and reputation. Having a background check or following the advice of experts is always a helpful way of avoiding falling into a scam. If you wish to know more about traders and places where you can safely buy coins online, feel free to contact us, and we will provide the best solution to your concern.

As a plus, you can always recur to any third-party grading service, such as NGC or PCGS, to make sure your assets are worth their published price. Whether you are a collector, an investor, or just giving your first steps in the coin investing industry, you should always be aware of the different news and updates related to the business. Follow us on our social media, YouTube channel, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to avoid missing any helpful information on silver and gold investing and collecting.

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