What’s New: Cat Goddess Bastet ½ oz Silver Round

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About Cat Goddess Bastet Silver Round

These Cat Goddess Bastet rounds receive careful treatment that makes them look antique. These rounds are hand struck, which means that no two coins are the same. A great way of having a unique round for yourself.

The design of this round presents an image of Bastet, an ancient Egyptian goddess of the Second Dynasty. Worshipped in Bubastis, in lower Egypt, Bastet was originally a lioness goddess. She then took the form of a cat, leaving Sekhmet the lion form. This was because she represented gentler aspects of life, such as protection, fertility, and the arts. However, she never disposed of her warrior character.

Even though the meaning of Bastet’s name remains unclear, some Egyptologists claim that it meant something similar to “She of the ointment jar”. This belief is because her name carried the hieroglyphic that referred to the object. Bastet’s protection was not only against enemies of war, but also contagious diseases and evil spirits. Apart from being sacred, the protective instinct of a cat was, without doubt, the best animal to depict what she represented.

Images on Cat Goddess Bastet Silver Round

The obverse shows the image of Bastet in her cat shape. Facing left with ornamental decorations that proved her sacred, her expression is that of a caring mother. However, the uptight position and pin-point ears are enough evidence to tell that she kept alert. Always protecting her people from evil. Purity and weight are on each side and the background presents ancient hieroglyphics.

cat goddess bastet round

On the reverse, there is an image of the human form of Bastet. The solar disc above her head gives us an idea of a close relation to Sun god Ra. Some researchers say that she was his daughter. An ankh, or key of life to her left, and ancient hieroglyphs that relate to her also decorate this side of the coin.

Why is Cat Goddess Bastet Silver Round a Good Investment?

Antiqued Egyptian rounds are always a good investment. Ancient Egypt is a very interesting era to learn about, and items that refer to those times will always be highly valued. Acquiring this silver round as an investment or a gift would never be seen as a mistake. Besides, the above-mentioned feature that makes no two coins look the same will add value to your asset.

If you desire to acquire Cat Goddess Bastet round, you can click here or browse our store. Retail and sale prices do not last long and are subject to limited stock. Buy this Egyptian round and enjoy the looks of a silver item that carries historical events on its image. These ¼ oz rounds are in BU condition and have a .999 silver purity.

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